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Notes Information on platforms, initial deposit, leverage, and spreads was obtained from broker websites. I am interested in liteforex because of the small trade size allowed.In some cases, this information is not readily retrievable. Clint I totally agree with your sentiment and frustration with our government making regulations under the pretense of protecting ourselves from ourselves. In reality a 50:1 leverage cap should not affect a trader that uses any sort of risk management and has a few bucks in the account.If you are able to fill in any of the missing information below, please do. 50:1 leverage does limit how you can trade a micro account if your balance is micro 0 or less if the minimum trade size is 00. What time does the forex market closes in malaysia. Compare the best forex brokers in Austalia based on forex trading platform, fees + feature. View the top Australian forex broker comparison table. AETOS, North Sydney, 2001, MT4, Multi-Account Management, AFSL 313016. AVATrade.Sarah sorge forex · Iremit forex all · Forex dummy trading · Forex peace army exential group. Singapore automated forex trading meetup group · Aetos forexAnd what relations does a fake marriage scam got to do with forex scam? nothing, even some police detectives got problems on marriage from their foreign babes, be it from a green card or whatever they got into. And signals? if it s not accurate then don t follow them, nobody forcing you to. Is Forex Peace army and a SCAM.

Instead, two spreads — for the EUR/USD and the GBP/JPY — are shown for each broker, as a rough representation of their spread menu. Spreads: EUR/USD 1.2 pips, GBP/JPY 3.5 pips (Premium account). Platforms: MT4, Trade Station, and Zulu Trade (social trading). initial deposits: 5 USD (micro), 100 USD (STP), 200 USD (ECN and swap-free), 25,000 USD (VIP). :mad::mad::mad: Edit: I would also like to ask: As a US citizen, is my capital covered by EU, FSA, FINMA regulations if the broker I choose is regulated with one of these institutions?Email and telephone contact info is included for each broker in Group 1 for those who wish to make their initial contact without visiting the broker’s website. Website: https://com/ Email: sales@(new customers), support@(clients) Telephone: 44 2035192105 (UK) • Renesource Capital (Latvia) Type: ECN/STP broker. I’ve spent some time this weekend on the [B]Forex Broker Guide[/B] site, sifting through their listing of forex brokers — Forex Broker Guide | Rate, Review & Compare Online Forex Brokers | Forex | Forex Brokers.For information on this option, see THIS POST Five of the brokers in Group 1 are designated as Trusted Brokers . Regulator: Financial and Capital Markets Commission (FCMC), Latvia. I was using this particular site mainly because it has a longer list of brokers (over 300) than any other site that I am aware of. Business trading company qatar. In each case, the designation of Trusted Broker was determined by a consensus of thread participants — primarily participants who trade live accounts with the broker being vetted. Platform: MT4, MT4 mobile, Integral, Currenex, and JTrader. At the end of this post, I’ll explain a little about how this site gathers data, and how their [I]Advanced Search[/I] feature works (or doesn’t work).Each of our Trusted Brokers was judged to be exemplary based on these criteria: (1) honesty and transparency in advertising their services, and in handling the funds and executing the trades of their clients; and (2) compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which they are domiciled. / EUROPE • LMFX (Macedonia) — Trusted Broker Type: STP (Premium account, and Fixed account) – ECN (Zero account). Platform: MT4 (including Web Trader, i Phone Trader, i Pad Trader, and Android Trader). initial deposit: 50 USD or 50 EUR (Premium account). I used this site to compile lists of “trusted” offshore forex brokers, sorted by country.For some background on the selection of our Trusted Brokers, see THIS POST. For this post, I’m listing only brokers domiciled in Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, the U. More on what “trusted” means, or doesn’t mean, at the end of this post. Platforms: MT4, MT4 mobile, FXGlory Web Trader – Optional free VPS. What is the primary issue for non CFTC regulated firms refusing to accept us clients?


Secrets of the scammers, information about Forum Forex Peace Army 1. Contact with you, offer pay advertisement for $ 1000-2000 per month. 2. If you are not paying for advertising is beginning to ruin your business.The first source of his income is Forex Peace Army online project. FPA is used to organize so-called Black PR campaigns against successful brokers administrators of this site publish defamatory materials and discreditable information at and spread it in the Internet.Forex Peace Army BTC keeps good upside momentum, but now we meet with potential B&B "Sell" setup. The problem that we do not know exactly from what level it will start. Is Aetos a Good Forex Broker? Read Real Reviews, By Traders, For Traders? Add Your Rating to the Largest Forex Review Database by Forex.Forex Peace Army highlights their role in the Fx market place. Romas Jurecius.It is not practical to show spreads for all currency pairs, for each broker. AETOS Capital Group Pty Ltd Australia — regulated in Australia.

• FXBrew (Seychelles) Type: ECN (all account types). Domiciled in Seychelles – offices in Dublin, Ireland. And it is appropriate for the government to prosecute fraud wherever and whenever it occurs in any of the financial markets. But, the CFTC has no authority over foreign brokers who operate entirely outside the U. These people seem to believe they have the right and the power to do anything they want to do. ACM is regulated by FINMA in Switzerland; they have an application pending with the Swiss banking authorities to become a Swiss bank; and they welcome U. But, their forex operation, db FX, is domiciled in the U. db FX’s relationship to the CFTC is less clear-cut than ACM’s. As a bank, Deutsche Bank is domiciled and regulated in Germany. position size: (all account types) one micro-lot (0.01 std. Spreads: from 0 pips (ECN and VIP accounts) – from 0.02 pips (Micro account). It is appropriate for the government to require brokers to furnish full and honest disclosure of the risks involved in forex trading, and to furnish full and honest disclosure of the terms and conditions of the trading accounts which they offer. And under current law, the CFTC has no authority over individual traders who trade through foreign brokers that are beyond the reach of U. The CFTC, and their sock-puppet the NFA, are behaving like the rest of the Nanny State: They are acting like our rulers, rather than our public servants. As a bank, Deutsche Bank is domiciled and regulated in Germany. Here is ACM’s website — Online Forex Trading | Currency Trading | ACM db FX is the retail forex brokerage division of Deutsche Bank. for deposit to BTC accounts, or (after conversion) for deposit to fiat accounts – also certain other cryptocurrencies are accepted for deposit Website: Email: support@– (note: there may be a problem with this email address) Telephone: (available on a call-back basis only) CARIBBEAN / CENTRAL AMERICA • Trader’s Way (Dominica) — Trusted Broker Type: market-maker (M/M) and ECN accounts are offered. Platforms: MT4, MT4 mobile, MT5, and CTrader (not available to U. Finally, it’s not the proper business of government to tell where they may set up foreign branches, or whom they may accept as customers in those foreign branches. But, they cannot (yet) prevent us from having those accounts. Here is the ACM website — Online Forex Trading | Currency Trading | ACM db FX is the retail forex brokerage division of Deutsche Bank. Hsbc bullet trading platform. [[ And it’s not the proper business of government to tell U. residents where they may do their banking, or where they may do their trading. government claims the authority, through the IRS, to require U. residents to report foreign accounts which we hold — bank accounts, brokerage accounts, etc. initial deposit: 0 USD (M/M account), 10 USD (ECN account). It is not the proper business of government to tell us how many calories we may consume, or how much we may drink, or how much of our paychecks we may spend on lottery tickets, or HOW MUCH FOREX LEVERAGE WE MAY USE. Gensler wrote the sheet-music, and we sang the song. Many reasonable folks, including several on this forum, have pointed out the hazards of using too much leverage, and have endorsed the new CFTC limit. It is not the proper business of government the way we live our lives.

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The phony 10:1 proposed limit was so extreme that we were relieved when the CFTC “relented”, when they “listened to the voice of the forex community”, when they set the leverage limit at 50:1, instead. • Eagle FX (Dominica) Type: market-maker - orders subject to requotes - arbitraging and sniping prohibited. Platforms: MT4 (for PC, Mac, i OS, and Android), and Web Trader. ” The CFTC never intended to impose a 10:1 leverage limit on retail forex in the U. From the very beginning, their objective was 50:1; and they achieved their objective completely. Spreads: EUR/USD 2 pips, GBP/JPY 5.5 - 7 pips (M/M account). Other products: stocks, commoditites, indices, and cryptocurrencies. In 9,000 public comments to the CFTC, we battled against that 10:1 straw-man, and we tore it to shreds; and we said, “If you ram this 10:1 thing down our throats, we’ll take our business offshore.” All the while, Gary Gensler and his crew were saying, “Gotcha — you’ll take you’ll take your trading business offshore! Gensler set up a straw-man — the 10:1 leverage limit — and we all bravely attacked and destroyed the straw-man, thinking it was the enemy. On another thread, I called Gensler "a sneaky, little weasel", and I stand by that description. We’ve been conned — by Gary Gensler, the head of the CFTC.

Then, in subsequent posts, we can talk about specific foreign brokers, and whether there are advantages to trading with them. ) — out of business IV Brokers (Belize) JAFX Ltd (SVG) — call-centers in U. I’ll start this thread with a rant about the CFTC (because I have some ranting to get off my chest). Platforms: MT4 (Classic or Pro account), and MT5 (Pro account). ) i Trader FX (Israel) — binary options dealer now entering the FX market i Trade FX LLC (British Virgin Islands? So, I’m opening this thread, as a place where that topic can be continued. Kapsul forex. Regulator: International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) Belize. ) — do not confuse with i Trader FX (Israel) or with i Trade FX LLC (British Virgin Islands? clients JFD Brokers (Cyprus) JFX - Jiffix Markets Ltd (Cyprus) — out of business — clients transferred to Traders Trust (Cyprus) Juno Markets (New Zealand) — very new — mainly focused on the Asian FX market — no U. clients Just Forex (Belize) - trading name of IPCTrade Inc (Belize) — FX and crypto trading — no U. That particular topic really doesn’t belong on that forum. • FX Choice (Belize) — Trusted Broker Type: NDD/STP broker. of Integral Menkul Degerler (Turkey) — partner of Dukascopy (CH) Intel FX (New Zealand) Interactive Brokers (US) Interbank FX - IBFX (US) — owned by Trade Station (US) which is a subsidiary of Monex (Japan) Internaxx (Luxembourg) — acquired by Swissquote (Switzerland) in March 2019 Inter Trader (UK) — spread-betting Invast Financial Services Pty Ltd (Australia) - subsidiary of Invast (Japan) — institutional and prime brokerage services Investors Europe (Gibraltar) IQ Option (Cyprus) — formerly options-only broker, now offering leveraged FX and CFD’s — no U. clients Iron FX Global Ltd (Cyprus) — Cy SEC-regulated — see 8Safe UK Ltd (UK) and GVS AU Pty Ltd (Australia) i Trade Capital Markets (Belgium? (US) — bankrupt — subsidiary of MF Global Holdings Ltd (UK) MF Global Holdings Ltd (UK) — bankrupt MFX Broker Belize (Belize) — see Master Services Inc (Russia/Belize) — do not confuse with MFFX (Belize) MFX Broker Georgia (Republic of Georgia) — see Master Services Inc (Russia/Belize) MFX Trade (Australia) — retail trading platform of Mahi FX (Australia) — do not confuse with MFX Broker (Belize / Georgia) MIG Bank (Switzerland) — see Swissquote (Switzerland) Milltrade Ltd (Marshall Islands) — scam — bankrupt — merged with MMCIS (see below) MMA Forex (Dubai) — brokerage arm of MMA Group (Dubai) — SCAM — ponzi-scheme, shut down by Dubai authorities MMA Bank GT (Dubai) — new name of reorganized MMA Forex — warnings issued in Sweden, Ireland, and Switzerland MMCIS (Ukraine / Marshall Islands) — scam — bankrupt — merged with Milltrade Ltd (Marshall Islands) Monex (Japan) — parent of Trade Station (US) — do not confuse with Monex Deposit Co. of Georgia) — MT5 broker — FX, metals, indices, oil Vista Brokers (Cyprus) — no U. clients x CFD Ltd (Cyprus / New Zealand) XE Markets (Malaysia) — see Trading Point (Cyprus) XForex - XFR Financial Ltd (Cyprus) — currently being dissolved — clients are being transferred to Xtrade (Cyprus) XGlobal Markets (Cyprus) XM (Cyprus / New Zealand) — see Trading Point (Cyprus) — no U. clients Xoom Forex (Cyprus) — out of business Xtrade (Cyprus) - XFR Financial Ltd (Cyprus) — no U. clients — do not confuse with X-Trade Brokers (Poland) X-Trade Brokers (XTB) (Poland) — expanding into South America and Belize — fined $2.5M by Polish FSA — separately, Polish police are investigating possible fraud by XTB (potentially $23M) Z (GMO-Z Trade UK Ltd) (U. forum, a discussion got started about trading through foreign brokers who are outside the jurisdiction of the CFTC. ) Henyep Capital Markets (UK) Ltd — FCA-regulated FX and CFD broker — UK subsidiary of Henyep Holdings (BVI) Ltd HF Markets Ltd (Mauritius) — corporate name of Hot Forex (Mauritius) — no U. clients HF Markets (DIFC) Ltd (UAE) — corporate name of Hot Forex (UAE) in Dubai — no U. clients HF Markets (SV) Ltd (SVG) — corporate name of Hot Forex (SVG) — no U. Infinox Capital (UK) — new name of GO Markets (UK), former subsidiary of GO Markets (Australia) Inova Trade (Panama) Insta Forex (Russia/BVI) Institutional Liquidity - ILQ (Australia) — CFTC regulated, NFA member Integral Forex (Turkey) — div. London Capital Group Ltd (UK) — FCA-regulated broker (forex, CFDs, spread betting) owned (and currently being spun off) by LCG Group (UK) London Capital Group (Cyprus) Ltd (Cyprus) — Cy SEC-regulated broker owned by LCG Group (UK) London Spreads (UK) — see London Capital Group Ltd (UK) Loyal Forex (British Virgin Islands) — (and parent company FX Systems) — out of business LQDFX (The Marshall Islands) LQD Markets (UK) — see Liquid Markets — do not confuse with LQDFX (The Marshall Islands) Lucror FX - Lucror Capital Markets (New Zealand) — aka LCM-FX Magna FX - Magna Trust Securities and Investment Services, S. ) — parent of Multi Bank Forex Exchange Corp (US), and Multi Bank FX International Corp (BVI) MF Financial (Belize) — see MFFX (Belize) — out of business MFFX (Belize) — out of business MF Global (UK) — in reorganization — formerly a subsidiary of MF Global Holdings Ltd (UK) MF Global Finance USA Inc. (US), both charged with fraud by the CFTC in Sept '17. ) — ESMA-compliant broker serving EU clients Victory International Futures (Indonesia) — Indonesian clients only Vinson Financials Ltd (Cyprus) VIPRO Markets (Cyprus) — no U. or Canadian clients — Vipro has been acquired by Tickmill (UK) VIPTRADE - Trade Holding Ltd (Rep. What follows (below) was originally the first post in this thread, way back in September 2010.

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2018) and apparently bankrupt — suspended (Jan 2019) by Australian regulator ASIC Hantec Markets (UK) Heart Forex (Belize) — parent is Heart Capital Ltd (Belize) Hedgestone Group (Belize) — binary options broker (Russian ? ) — re-branded (Jun 2018) as Vestle (Cyprus) in order to become an ESMA-compliant EU broker ICM Capital Ltd (UK) — rebranded in August 2018 as ICM (UK) — no U. clients ICM (UK) — new name of ICM Capital Ltd (UK) and other ICM entities worldwide — no U. Belize IFSC has issued a warning that these entities are unauthorized in Belize. Ltd (Japan) — subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group — a TFX Click365 broker Kinetic Securities (Australia) KVB Kunlun (Hong Kong) — acquired by CITIC Securities (China) in 2015 — parent of FCA - regulated KVB Prime (UK) Land FX UK Ltd (UK) — subsidiary of Land FX (New Zealand) — FCA license granted June 2016 Larson and Holz IT Ltd (Hong Kong) — no U. clients Latitude FX (New Zealand) LCG (UK) — see London Capital Group Ltd (UK) — no U. clients LCM-FX (New Zealand) — see Lucror FX (New Zealand) Lead Capital Group (Cyprus) - parent of Lead Capital Markets Ltd — also parent of Lead Capital Partners (Seychelles) which operates newly-formed FINQ in the Asian market Lead Capital Markets Ltd (Cyprus) — operates as Trade (Cyprus) in the European market Legacy FX (Cyprus) — founded in 2015, owned by technology company Leverate (Cyprus) — operation suspended Leverate (Cyprus) — liquidity provider — see CWM FX Libertex - Indication Investments Ltd (Cyprus) — multi-asset broker, online platform Libra FX (Anguilla) — out of business Lionstone Investment Services (Russia) — binary options broker — reportedly going out of business Lite Forex (Marshall Islands) — unregulated subsidiary of Lite Forex Ltd (Cyprus) Lite Forex Ltd (Cyprus) — Cy SEC-regulated broker — parent of Lite Forex (Marshall Islands) Liquid Markets - LQD Markets (UK) — bankrupt — seeking buyer LMAX Exchange Group (UK) — FCA-regulated multi-lateral trading facility (MTF) LMAX Global (UK) — new brokerage name, spun off from LMAX Exchange to meet new Mi FID II requirements LMFX (Macedonia) — Trusted Broker London Capital Group Holdings plc - LCG Group (UK) — currently facing bankruptcy — financially troubled parent of London Capital Group Ltd (UK) (currently being spun off), and London Capital Group (Cyprus) Ltd. Marketiva (Montenegro) — see AGEA (Montenegro) Markets Capital Ltd (UK) — trading as FX Markets Capital (UK) — currently under scrutiny by the FCA Markets (Cyprus) — owned by Trade FX Ltd - UK (recently acquired by gaming company Play Tech) Master Forex (Russia/Georgia/Belize) — see Master Services (Russia/Belize), MFX Broker (Georgia), and MFX Broker (Belize) Master Services Inc (Russia/Belize) — operating as MFX Broker Belize, and MFX Broker Georgia Matador Prime (Bulgaria) — de-listed by Bulgarian FSC (October 2018) which results in de-listing by Mi FID Maximus FX (Ukraine / Russia / Nigeria) — trading name of Maximus Markets Ltd (SVG) Mayzus Investment Company Ltd (Cyprus) MB Trading (US) — acquired by Trade King (US) — MB Trading exited the forex market October 2015 MCM FX - Miffs Capital Management Ltd (UK) — no U. clients Mercor Index (UK) — former name of Tiger Wit Ltd (UK) prior to acquisition by Tiger Wit (Bahamas) Merex Markets (Republic of Georgia) — scam MEX Group Worldwide Ltd (domicile? (Japan) — Japanese customers only MRC Markets (Russia) — scam MTrading (SVG) — trading name of Service Com Svg Ltd — no U. clients Multi Bank Forex Exchange Corp (US) — Multi Bank FX International Corp (BVI) — online broker with branches throughout Asia, UAE, Cyprus, and western Europe MXT Global Pty Ltd (Australia) — renamed Vantage Global Prime Pty Ltd (Australia) MXTrade - Lau Global Services Corp (Belize) — KROUFR blacklisted — scam — do not confuse with MXT Global (Australia) Nanshan Jinchuang Co. ) — has applied to NFA/CFTC for membership and registration as RFED in the U. ) — warning from FSC UTrade Premium Ltd (Israel) — algo-trading brokerage, banned by Israeli Securities Authority (ISA) — scam — CEO and other executives face fraud and racketeering charges in Israel UWCFX — see United World Capital (Cyprus) Valbury Capital (UK) — no U. clients Vantage FX Pty Ltd (Australia) — retail partner of Vantage Global Prime (Australia) — FX (ECN) only — no longer offers trading in binary options — no U. clients Vantage Global Prime Pty Ltd (Australia) — institutional partner of Vantage FX (Australia) Varchev Financial (Bulgaria) Varengold (Germany) — will cease operation as a retail FX broker by May 2016 Varianse - trading name of Vibhs Financial Limited (UK) — FCA-regulated — no U. clients Venbey Yatirim (Turkey) — scam Verti FX (Canada) Vestle (Cyprus) — new name of broker i CFD (Cyprus), one of the companies of i Forex Group (Cyprus? or Japanese clients Zecco Forex Inc (US) — merged with Trade King (US) Zinfinex Limited (UK) — new FCA-regulated (effective Mar 2019) FX and CFD broker Zulu Trade (Greece) — copy-trading partner of fx/cfd broker Black Bull Markets (New Zealand) The 4-page Offshore Broker List (above), compiled by members of this Forum over the past 9 years, has been placed at the beginning of this thread, where it will remain. Ltd (Japan) — new name (as of Oct 2017) of GMO Click (Japan), see above Golden Markets - Cool Markets Ltd (Estonia) — forex and cryptocurrency trading — currently a target of the FCA for unauthorized business activity in the UK GO Markets (Australia) GO Markets (UK) — former subsidiary of GO Markets (Australia), now re-branded as Infinox Capital (UK) Got Money FX (Australia) GQ Capital Inc (Belize) — new broker (March 2018) Grand Capital Ltd (Seychelles) Greenvault FX - GV Global Ltd (New Zealand) — no U. clients GTCM (Cyprus) — parent company is Depaho Ltd (Cyprus) — appears to accept U. clients GTL Forex (United Arab Emirates) GTX - Gain GTX LLC (US) — institutional division (prime broker and ECN) of Gain Capital Holdings Inc (US) — sold to 360T (German) Deutsche Boerse AG institutional brokerage division for $100M (May 2018) Gulliver FX (UK) — out of business GVS AU Pty Ltd (Australia) — re-branded trading name of Iron FX (Australia) — ASIC-regulated Halifax Investment Services Pty Ltd (Australia) — placed in receivership (Nov. clients HMS LUX (Luxembourg) Hoard FX (Belize) — scam Hot Forex (Mauritius, UAE, SVG) — trading names of HF Markets Ltd (Mauritius), HF Markets (DIFC) Ltd (UAE), and HF Markets (SV) Ltd (SVG) Hotspot FX (UK) — institutional ECN broker — owned by securities exchange BATS Global Markets House of Borse (UK) — FCA-regulated broker catering to institutional clients in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region HQBrokers (Marshall Islands) — scam — operated from Ukraine — shut down (along with Trade12 broker) by Ukrainian police as criminal enterprise (Dec 2018) Hugosway (SVG? ) — appears to be successor to JAFX (SVG) — website lists address in Seychelles — Terms and Conditions specify SVG as place of incorporation HYCM Europe (Cyprus) — Cy Sec-regulated division of HYCM (UK) HYCM - HY Capital Markets (UK) HY Markets (UK) — renamed HYCM (see above) Iam FX (Panama) IBFX Australia, Pty Ltd (Australia) — owned by Trade Station (division of Monex Group - Japan) — being sold to Oanda (Aus) IBFX (US) — forex brokerage division of Trade Station (US) — currently being sold to Oanda (US) icetrader — domain name of Glistentree Holdings (Cyprus) — no longer authorized by Cy SEC — defunct, out of business IC Markets (Australia) i CFD (Cyprus) — one of the companies of i Forex Group (Cyprus? ) — do not confuse with ICM Capital Ltd (UK) — see i Trade Capital Markets IFC Markets (British Virgin Islands) — no U. IKOFX (British Virgin Islands / New Zealand) — no longer accepts U. residents IKON Finance Ltd (UK) — preparing to reenter retail FX market after successfully addressing suspension by FCA in March 2017 — do not confuse with IKON Global Markets (US) or IKON Markets Ltd (Belize/Bulgaria) IKON Global Markets (US) — apparently not out of business (as reported here previously) — a U. court in Illinois entered a $23M fraud judgement against this broker in August 2017 IKON Markets Ltd (Belize/Bulgaria)) — boiler-room scam operating under various names: IKON Markets Ltd, Iconics PS Ltd, Hedgestone Group. clients Mahi FX (New Zealand) — retail fx broker and b2b fintech provider licensed in New Zealand, Australia and U. — exiting retail fx business (Dec 2019) — new b2b enterprise to be rebranded HFTrading. ) — trade-name of T-Marketing Services Ltd (Bulgaria? Spreads: EUR/USD 0.5 - 1.5 pips, GBP/JPY 2 - 5 pips (Classic account). Feb 2017 after the SNB debacle — now de-listed from Nasdaq – as of Jan 2018, no longer in Chap.11 bankruptcy Global Brokers NZ Ltd (New Zealand) — bankrupt — out of business Global Capital Markets Trading (South Africa) — see CMTrading Global Futures (US) Global FX - Global FX International LP (Canada) — FX/CFD broker with offices in USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cyprus and Russia — charged with illegal operation in Russia by self-regulatory organization AFD (March 2019) — no U. or Canadian clients Global Prime (Australia) GMO Click (Japan) — world’s largest fx brokerage (by trading volume) — trading member of the TFX Click365 system (see above) GMO Financial Holdings Co. ) — parent of ICFD (Cyprus) online forex broker serving the EU, and currently (Jun 2018) being re-branded as Vestle (see below) — also parent of Formula Investment House Ltd (BVI) serving non-EU clients IFX Markets (Australia) — subsidiary of City Index (UK) / Gain Capital (US) IG Markets (Australia) IG Markets (UK) — forex, CFD, and spread-betting broker — applying for CFTC/NFA registration as retail forex broker (RFED) in the U. (application dated November 2017) IGM Forex Ltd (Cyprus) — license temporarily suspended by Cy SEC (July 2018) for capital adequacy issues — Cy SEC suspension lifted (Nov 2019), but IGM remains offline. clients Ninja Trader (US) — IB for FXCM (US) Nord FX (Vanuatu) — subsidiary of NFX Capital VU Inc (Vanuatu) Nord Markets (Sweden) NPBFX (Belize) — Russian-owned (subsidiary of Nefteprombank), offices in London and Belize — no U. 2018) TMFX (Cyprus) - trading name of Topic Markets, Ltd (Cyprus) — TMFX voluntarily renounced their Cy SEC license 5/5/17 TMS Brokers (Poland) — will buy the FX unit of Noble Securities (Poland) in Nov 2019 Tokyo Financial Exchange Inc - TFX (Japan) — Japanese futures exchange; also Click365 margin-fx trading exchange (see above) Topic Markets Ltd (Cyprus) — see TMFX (Cyprus) Trade 12 (Marshall Islands) — KROUFR blacklisted — operated out of Ukraine — shut down by Ukrainian authorities (Dec 2018) — classified as criminal enterprise — see also HQBrokers Trade-24 (UK) — unlicensed/unregistered broker, sanctioned by FCA (UK) and OSC (Ontario, Canada) for illegal operations Trade (Cyprus) — trading name of Leadcapital Markets Ltd (Cyprus) — FX broker recently (Nov 2019) became multi-asset broker — regulated in Cyprus, UK, and S. Tradefort (Russia) Trade Fred - Magic Path Capital Ltd (Cyprus) — multi-asset broker licensed in Cyprus, Australia, and Vanuatu — no U. of Int’l USG Capital Ltd, owned by Atlantic Brokers (Bulgaria) — suspended by ISA — no longer brokering forex — do not confuse with USGFX (Australia) USGFX (Australia) - trade-name of Union Standard Int’l Group Pty Ltd (Australia) — ASIC-regulated forex broker — offices in Sydney, Auckland, Shanghai, and Hong Kong — Shanghai office recently attacked by disgruntled traders — this broker is currently under scrutiny by Australian ASIC UTMarkets - United Trading Markets (Bulgaria? Vincent and the Grenadines) — Trusted Broker Type: ECN. CH (Switzerland) GKPRO (UK) - AKFX Financial Services Ltd (Malta) — new name of GKFX (UK) after re-branding (May 2019) — institutional and professional customers only Global Brokerage Inc (US) — successor to FXCM Inc (US) eff. Vincent and the Grenadines) — fx and binary options Tele Trade - DJ International Consulting Ltd (Cyprus) – no U. client Templer FX (SVG) — no clients from US, Canada, UK, EU, Japan, Israel, or Turkey Templeton FX (UK) — one of the trading names of Templeton Securities Ltd (UK) — IB for ACM Group plc (UK) Templeton Securities Ltd (UK) — parent of Templeton FX (UK) — not affiliated with Franklin Templeton Investments Tenko FX (New Zealand) TFI Markets Ltd - TFIFX (Cyprus) — no U. clients The Collective FX Global (Belize) — see BDG Financial Services Ltd — out of business The Traders Domain (SVG) — hybrid MM/ECN broker — U. clients must register country of residence as “crypto” and deposit funds via cryptocurrency — after conversion, U. accounts are denominated in USD Think Forex (UK and Australia) — see Think Markets (UK) Think Markets (UK) — TF Global Markets (UK) Ltd, and TF Global Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd — formerly Think Forex — entering South Africa market in 2019 Think Or Swim (US) — division of TD Ameritrade (US) Tickmill Ltd (UK) — no U. clients — Canadian clients are accepted — Tickmill has acquired Vipro Markets (Cyprus) as of Sep 2017 Tiger Wit Financial Services Ltd (Bahamas) — fx (and copy-trading) broker — parent of Tiger Wit Ltd (UK) Tiger Wit Ltd (UK) — FCA-regulated broker — formerly Mercor Index, prior to acquisition by Tiger Wit (Bahamas) TIO Markets (UK) — new name of FCA-regulated fx broker Primus Capital Markets (UK) after acquisition by Trade (Nov. ) — trading name of Celestial Trading Ltd, which claims to be regulated in Montenegro — warning against this broker issued by Austrian regulator FMA (Feb 2019) Trade King Forex (US) — IB for Gain Capital (US) — acquired MB Trading, Aug 2015 — Trade King is for sale as of Jan 2016 Trademarker (Cyprus) — parent company of Sky FX (Cyprus) — suspended by Cy SEC (May 2016) Trade Next Ltd (UK) — no U. clients — facing reorganization — currently terminating some clients Tradeo (Cyprus) - brand name of UR Trade Fix Ltd (Cyprus) — social trading platform for FX and CFD’s Trade Orbitz (UK) Trade Pulse FX (Seychelles) — registered and regulated in Seychelles, offices in Dubai UAE Traders Choice FX (US) — IB for various brokers Traders Trust Capital Markets Ltd - TTCM (Cyprus) Trader’s Way (Dominica) — Trusted Broker Trade Station Forex (US) — subsidiary of Monex Group (Japan) — parent of IBFX (US and Australia) being sold to Oanda Tradeview Ltd (Cayman Islands) Trade Wise FX (SVG) — recently removed from Group 1, and moved to Group 2 Trading 212 (UK) — trading name of Avus Capital UK Ltd Trading Markets Inc (US) — new U. subsidiary of Cyprus broker XM’s parent, Trading Point — currently has applications pending with NFA and CFTC for membership and registration as U. RFED Trading (UK) — new name (effective Jul 2019) of Trading Point’s FCA-regulated retail broker, formerly known as Trading Point of Financial Instruments (UK) Ltd Trading Forex (Cyprus) — domain name of Traders Trust Capital Markets Ltd (Cyprus) Trading Point (Cyprus) — no U. clients — also see XM (Cyprus) Tradomart Ltd (Cyprus) — see Forex Mart (Cyprus) Trust Capital S. 2018) also licensed by Cy SEC (Cyprus) Turnkey Forex (Mauritius) — Trusted Broker — do not confuse with Turnkey FX Turnkey FX (UK) — fintech company providing technical services and white-label trading platforms to brokers — partner to Finpro Trading UB4Trade (UK) - Finatex Ltd (UK) — this broker has been placed on a Warning list by New Zealand regulator UBFS Invest (Cyprus) — suspended by Cy SEC (May 2016) UFX - United Global Ventures LP (UK) — may be UFX Markets Global / ufxmarkets / UFX Bank, rebranded — SCAM UFX Bank (UK) — out of business UFX Markets Global Inc (British Anguilla) — Israeli company — no U. clients U Markets (Belize / UAE) — registered in Belize, office in UAE, also UK phone number UMOfx (New Zealand) Uni FX (UK) United World Capital - UWCFX (Cyprus) Universal FX (Switzerland) Up FX (Seychelles) UPME Group Ltd - FXUP ME (British Virgin Islands) — formerly RV Markets (Hong Kong) USG Capital (Israel) — subs. Other products: commodities, stock indices, CFD’s, and cryptocurrencies. Sensus Captial Markets (Malta) — sold to Nicky Kundnani, fraudster wanted by police in the U. for fraud and theft — SCAM GDMFX (New Zealand) — no U. or New Zealand clients Gem Forex (Seychelles) — may be the same company as G Forex (Seychelles) Gem FX (UK) G Forex (Seychelles) — scam GFT Markets (UK) — trading name of Gain Capital - Forex (UK) — being phased out GFT Markets (Australia) — trading name of Gain Capital - Forex (Australia) — being phased out GFX Group SA (Switzerland) — corporate name of Forex . of Georgia) — trading name of HDForex (Georgia) TD Markets Ltd (UK) — owned by TDM Holdings Inc (St. (Lebanon) — multi-asset broker regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (Lebanon) — recently (Nov. Account currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and USD. ) — parent company of 1Lot Stp, 1Pip Fix, 2Pips Fixed, etc. Ltd (Japan) FXTG (Australia) — scam broker run by founder of Israeli scam broker UTrade — see Forex TG Pty (Australia) FXTM (Cyprus) — parent of Forex Time Ltd (Cyprus) and FT Global Ltd (Belize) — has acquired a license in Mauritius (March 2019) — no U. clients FXtradeweb (Estonia) FXT Swiss (Switzerland) FX United (New Zealand) — United Global Holdings Ltd (NZ) — not regulated — no U. clients — SCAM per Forex Peace Army FXVan - FXVan Global Ltd (UK) — new name of FX Company (Mauritius) now out of business FXVV (United Arab Emirates) — out of business Gain Capital Holdings Inc (US) — see Forex — largest U. ) — scam, ponzi scheme (per FCA) — website currently blocked for malicious content (per Malwarebytes) Gainsy Inc (St. Ltd (Japan) — owned by Compagnies Financière Tradition - CFT (Switzerland) – no U. clients Gallant Capital Markets (British Virgin Islands) — acquired by WSM Invest (New Zealand) 2014 — declared bankruptcy April 2017 GBE Brokers (Malta) - a.k.a. 2018) to Squared Direct (Cyprus) Profi Forex (Seychelles) — does not accept U. clients Q8 Trade - Q8 Securities Co (Kuwait) — multi-asset broker Quaestor Zrt (Hungary) — bankrupt — business suspended by Hungarian National Bank Questrade (Canada) — accepts Canadian citizens and permanent residents only Rakuten Securities, Inc. Vincent and the Grenadines) — no longer accepts new U. clients as of October 2016 Tbilisi Traders Club LLC (Rep.

Aetos forex peace army

Vincent and the Grenadines) Forex Place - 4x P (British Virgin Islands) Forex TG Pty (Australia) — aka FXTG — currently under fraud investigation by Australian regulator ASIC Forex Time Ltd (Cyprus) — Cy Sec-regulated subsidiary of FXTM (Cyprus) — FCA-regulated in the U. ) — out of business FXM Financial Services Gmb H (Germany) FX Markets Capital (UK) — trading name of Markets Capital Ltd (UK) — unregulated in the U. Fx Net Ltd (Cyprus) Fx On Us (Malta) — owned by Markets On Us Ltd (Marshall Islands) — see MFSA (Malta) warning FXOpen Company (Russia) — no U. clients — subsidiaries: FXOpen AU Pty Ltd (Australia), FXOpen LP Limited (New Zealand), FXOpen Ltd (UK), FXOpen Markets Ltd (Nevis) — charged by Russian self-regulatory organization AFD with operating in Russia without a Bank of Russia license FXPIG - Prime Intermarket Group Asia Pacific Limited (Vanuatu) —no U. clients — Canadian clients accepted (depending on Canadian provincial regulations) FX Primus (Cyprus) — trading name of Primus Global Ltd (Cyprus) — formerly known as FX Primus Europe Ltd (Cyprus) — do not confuse with Primus Capital Markets (UK) — no U. clients FX Primus (Mauritius) — out of business — license suspended by Mauritius regulator in 2015 Fx Pro Financial Services Ltd (Cyprus) FXPro UK Ltd (UK) — multi-asset broker — spread-betting added (UK residents only) Aug 2017 FX Salt (British Virgin Islands) — out of business FX Solutions (Australia) — subsidiary of City Index (UK) / Gain Capital (US) — being phased out FX Solutions (US) — out of business FX Systems (domicile? 58% market-share as of Feb 2017) Gainmax Capital Ltd (UK? forex broker (after Gain Capital) — controlling interest (98.5%) in this broker purchased (June '18) by CVC Partners Asia Fund (private) Oasis Global FX (Belize) — scam, Ponzi scheme (per CFTC), license revoked by Belize IFSC. Vincent and the Grenadines) Pellucid FX (Anguilla) — out of business Pepperstone (Australia) — no U. or Canadian clients Peregrine Financial Group - PFG Best (US) — out of business Phillip Capital (Singapore) — exchange-traded equities, options and futures (including currency futures) — no OTC spot forex Phillip Capital (UK) — FX, CFD indices and commodities — subsidiary of Phillip Capital (Singapore) Pip Fixed (Panama) Plus500 (UK) — trading name of Plus500UK Ltd (UK) Prime CFD’s - TLC Consulting Ltd (Marshall Islands) — multi-asset broker Prime FX (New Zealand) Prime Trade FX (Switzerland) — no U. clients — accepts Canadian clients Primus Capital Markets (UK) — FCA-regulated fx broker — acquired by crypto exchange Trade — will be re-branded TIO Markets (UK) — do not confuse with Primus Global Ltd (Cyprus) Primus Global Ltd (Cyprus) — new name of FX Primus Europe Ltd (Cyprus) — do not confuse with Primus Capital Markets (UK) Probus FX (Cyprus) — Cy SEC-regulated (since 2017) retail broker — re-branded (Nov. 2018) for non-compliance Sterling Gent Trading Ltd (British Virgin Islands) — see SGT Markets (BVI) STForex (Russia) STP Markets (UK) — directional options broker — not regulated (FCA warning in effect) — £1000 minimum deposit Strategem FX (Belize) — out of business Strato Markets (Netherlands) SVSFX - SVS Securities Plc (UK) Swiss International (Kuwait) Swissquote (Switzerland) — acquired MIG Bank (Switzerland) in 2013 — acquisition of Internaxx (Luxembourg) completed March 2019 Synergy FX - Synergy Financial Markets (Australia) — recently (Sept 2018) acquired by ACY Capital Group (Australia) Tadawul FX — see Liquid Markets (UK) Tallinex (St. ) Forex — retail division of Gain Capital Holdings Inc (US) — acquired client book of FXCM (US) Feb 2017 Forex CT Ltd - Forex Capital Trading Ltd (Vanuatu) Forex CT Pty Ltd (Australia) — division of Forex CT Ltd (Vanuatu) Forexee (SVG) — no U. clients — aka Forex FS (Australia) Forex Ltd (UK) Forex Markets Ltd - forex-markets (Panama) — scam Forex Mart (Cyprus) — trading name of Instant Trading EU Ltd (Cyprus) — no U. clients Forex-Metal (Panama) — recently removed from Group 1 Forex Nation (Australia) Forex (NZ) Limited (New Zealand) — bankrupt (2017) scam broker convicted of Ponzi scheme Forex NZ 2000 Limited (New Zealand) — separate company, same owner, as Forex (NZ) Limited — bankrupt scam broker Forex Optimum - Forex Optimum Group Limited (Russian company, registered in St. ) serving non-EU online traders — see also i Forex, i CFD, and Vestle. S., Feb 2017 — client book sold to Gain Capital (US) FXCM (UK, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Israel, etc.) - international subsidiaries of FXCM Group LLC (US) FX Company (Mauritius) — out of business (re-branded) — see FXVan (UK) FXDD Global (Malta) — no U. clients; accepts Canadian clients FX Dealer Direct - FXDD (US) — now restricted (by the NFA) to acting as an IB only FXFair (Russia) FXFlat (Germany) — Wertpapierhandelsbank Gmb H (Germany) — Ba Fin-regulated STP broker — forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and US futures (through CME) FXGL - FXGL Capital Group Ltd (unknown location) — scam FXGlory (Dubai, UAE) FXGM (Cyprus) Fx Grow (Cyprus) FXM Broker Group (Costa Rica? ) — claims to be Hong Kong domiciled and registered — but, in Oct 2017, Hong Kong SFC said those claims are fraudulent Pacific Financial Derivatives Ltd (New Zealand) — no U. clients Panteon Finance (Ukraine) — scam — bankrupt Par FX (UK) Pax Forex (St. GBE Brokers (Malta) — license to operate in Malta suspended by MFSA (Mar '16) — SCAM SGT Markets - Sterling Gent Trading Ltd (British Virgin Islands) — no U. Vincent and the Grenadines) — recently removed from Group 1 Solidity Brokers (Cyprus) — out of business Spreadex (UK) — spread betting dealer Squared Direct (Cyprus) — new name of Probus FX (Cyprus) Starfish FX - Starfish Markets Ltd (Vanuatu) — forex, CFD’s, commodities and binary options — offices in New Zealand — expelled from Financial Commission (Nov. CH (Switzerland) Forex Club LLC (Russia) Forex Club Ltd (British Virgin Islands ? clients Forex Trend (Ukraine / New Zealand) — scam — bankrupt Forex Ukraine (Ukraine) — IB for Forex Ltd (UK) Forex Web Trader (Cyprus) Forex Yard (Cyprus) Formula Investment House Ltd (BVI) — one of the companies of i Forex (Cyprus? Vincent and the Grenadines) — Russian-owned — no U. clients Friedberg Direct (Canada) — IIROC-regulated introducing broker, representing FXCM (UK) and Ava Trade (Ireland) — no U. clients fsm Smart (Cyprus) — aka fsm Smart and FSM Smart Ltd — claims to have a “representative office” in Switzerland — blacklisted by Swiss regulator FINMA (Oct. FXCM Inc - Forex Capital Markets Inc (US) — de-listed NYSE corp., renamed Global Brokerage Inc (now a de-listed Nasdaq corp.) in Chap.11 bankruptcy as of Nov 2017 FXCM LLC - Forex Capital Markets LLC (US) — banned from the U. clients — FCA-licensed (UK) — focused on the APAC region — re-focused on the E. Asian markets — being acquired by Axi Corp (Australia) as of August 2018 One Trade (UK) — new STP broker with social- and copy-trading focus — owned by Fx Stat (UK) Orbex Ltd (Cyprus) OSG Forex - Optimum Standard International Group Ltd (domicile? clients Real Forex (Belize) — removed from Group 1 (May 2017) Real Trade (British Virgin Islands) — out of business (Oct 2019) — removed from Group 1 Renesource Capital (Latvia) RJ O’Brien (US) — institutional forex broker Robo Forex Ltd (Cyprus) – name will be changed to Robo Markets in 2018 Robo Markets (Cyprus) — see Robo Forex Robo Trade Ltd (Belize) — M/M subsidiary (for cent accounts) of STP broker Robo Forex Ltd (Cyprus) Royal Forex Trading - RFXT (Lebanon) — licensed by Cy SEC (Cyprus), Sep 2016, providing access to the European market RTFX - Realtime Forex (Malta) — out of business as of — do not confuse with RFXT Rubix FX (Australia) RV Markets (Hong Kong) — out of business — see UPME Group Ltd (British Virgin Islands) RVD Markets Ltd (British Virgin Islands) — bankrupt Saxo Bank (Denmark) Scope Markets (Belize) Sensus Capital Markets (Malta) — a.k.a. Vincent and the Grenadines) Skilling Ltd (Cyprus) — formerly Finovel Cyprus Ltd — Cy SEC-regulated Sky FX (Cyprus) — subsidiary of Trademarker (Cyprus) — suspended by Cy SEC (May 2016) Smart Trade FX (St. Tujuan malaysia menyertai pertubuhan perdagangan sedunia. Fast Brokers (US) — IB for various brokers Fast Quote Securities (Belize) — institutional broker FBS - FBS Markets (Belize) FIBO Group Holdings Ltd (Cyprus) FIG FX (Seychelles) — out of business Finexo (Germany) Fin FX (Finland) — acquired by BCFX Ltd (Cyprus) effective 6/1/15 — no longer operates as a retail forex broker Finotec Trading UK Ltd (UK) Finpro Trading (UK) — formerly Group 1 Trusted Broker, acquired by Coinexx (SVG) effective December 2018 — Finpro is no longer in business First Rate FX (UK) — no U. clients FIXI PLC (UK) — formerly FCA-regulated broker, ceased operations (Dec 2018) in coordination with the FCA Fondex (Cyprus) - trading name of Top FX Ltd (Cyprus) Forex4You - E-Global Trade and Finance Group, Inc (British Virgin Islands) Forex Bit (UK? of Alpha Capital Technology (UK) - blacklisted by FCA (August 2019) for fraudulently claiming FCA registration Forex Brokers (US) — broker rating service — do not confuse with Forex Broker Inc (Marshall Islands) Forex Broker Inc (Marshall Islands) — no longer operates as a retail forex broker — now operates as an IB for 6 retail brokers Forex CENT (Czech Republic) Forex . clients Fort FS (Belize) — see Fort Financial Services (Belize) Fort-FX (UK) — unregulated multi-asset broker — permanently banned by The Financial Commission (self-regulatory organization) — do not confuse with either Fortrade Ltd (UK) or Fort FS (Belize) Fortrade Ltd (UK) — multi-asset broker, FCA-regulated — licensed (March 2019) by Australian regulator ASIC Fortress Prime (Dubai) — defunct prime brokerage, shut down by parent (Fortress Capital Investments) — SCAM — out of business FP Markets (Australia) - First Prudential Markets (Australia) — CFD and FX broker — expanding into EU market via Cy SEC license (March 2019) Fresh Forex (St. clients FT Global Ltd (Belize) — IFSC-regulated subsidiary of FXTM (Cyprus) — no U. clients FX88 (Cyprus) - owned by Galactus Ltd (Cyprus) — Cy SEC-regulated — no U. Forex-Swiss (Dominica) FX Choice (Belize) — Trusted Broker FXCL Markets Ltd (Ireland) FXCM Group LLC (US) - subsidiary of Global Brokerage Inc (US), and parent of FXCM UK, FXCM Australia, etc. ODL Markets (UK) Olsson Capital (Bulgaria) — forex, CFD’s and cryptocurrencies — targeting UK clients, currently blacklisted by FCA Olymp Trade (Seychelles / Cyprus) — binary options dealer owned by Smartex International Ltd (Seychelles) and Frandom Holding Ltd (Cyprus) reported to be Russian companies OMFinancial (New Zealand) Onasis IBC (Seychelles) One Financial Markets (UK) — FSA (UK) and FSB (SA) regulated broker, focused on Middle East and s. Vincent and the Grenadines) CSFX - Clear Stream FX LLC (SVG) and Clear Stream FX LTD (Dominica) – ECN broker and prop trading firm – FX, metals, crypto – no U. deposit Excel Markets Ltd (New Zealand) — see Global Brokers NZ Ltd (New Zealand) — out of business Exness Ltd (Cyprus) Explore Markets Ltd (SVG / UK) — aka EM Financial Services Ltd — under FCA warning for falsely claiming UK regulation Exto Capital (Switzerland) — out of business EZTD (Cyprus) — new name of EZTrader (Cyprus) — recently licensed to operate in Japan — no U. or Canadian clients EZTrader (Cyprus) — troubled (fined) Cyprus FX and CFD broker, recently renamed EZTD — no U. or Canadian clients Falco FX (Cyprus) — out of business Falcon Brokers Ltd (Cyprus) — license revoked by Cy Sec for segregated funds irregularities; customer positions ordered closed; principals fined and banned from the financial industry. Vincent and the Grenadines) - Fasco Capital Ltd (SVG) FXBrew (Seychelles) FX Cast (Mauritius) FXCBS (British Virgin Islands) FXCC (Cyprus) FXCH - Foreign Exchange Clearing House (Dominica) - a.k.a. of Ava Trade EU Ltd (Ireland) Ava Trade EU Ltd (Ireland) — parent of the subsidiaries listed here — planned acquisition by Israeli gaming company Playtech nixed by Ava shareholders — no U. ) — scam — website disabled CFD Capital Markets (Morocco) — appears on Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) Warning List CFD House - Spot Capital Markets Ltd (Cyprus) — CFD’s and crypto trading — no U. clients CFI - Credit Financier Invest (Cyprus and UK) — retail and institutional CFD and FX broker regulated by Cy SEC in Cyprus and FCA in UK Charter Prime Ltd (New Zealand) — FX, commodities, metals, index CFD’s — no U. clients CIBfx (SVG) - Capital Investment Brokers Ltd (SVG) — fx and cfd’s — office in London — registered (not regulated) in SVG — no U. Vincent and the Grenadines) — see Clear Point FX CPT Markets (UK) — FX and CFD broker — formerly Citypoint Trading — member of London Stock Exchange (Dec 2019) Crypto Rocket (St. of liquidity provider Leverate (Cyprus) — City of London fraud charges pending — SCAM Darwinex (UK) — formerly Trade Slide (UK) — hybrid social trading / copy trading program db FX (Germany) Deltastock (Bulgaria) Destek (Turkey) Destek Markets (UK) — former FCA-regulated UK subsidiary of Destek (Turkey), recently sold and re-branded as Britannia Markets (UK) Direct FX (New Zealand) — do not confuse with Direct FX Trading Pty Ltd (Australia) Direct FX Trading Pty Ltd (Australia) — business license permanently canceled by ASIC (October 2018) for ongoing compliance issues Divisa UK Ltd - Divisa Capital (UK) — prime broker, now entering the retail market (May '17) — re-branded (2018), see Equiti Capital (UK) DMM Securities (Japan) — forex/CFD broker — parent of DMM FX Australia — no U. clients DMM FX (Australia) — will cease operations on July 30, 2016 Dorman FX (US) Dukascopy Japan K. Equiti Capital (UK) — new retail division of prime broker Equiti UK Ltd - formerly Divisa Capital (UK) — — currencies, metals and CFD’s e Toro (Cyprus) e Toro USA (US) — IB for e Toro (Cyprus) — not yet operational ETX Capital (UK) — ETX has acquired the client book of bankrupt Alpari (UK) Europe FX - Maxiflex Global Investments Corp Ltd (Cyprus) — no U. clients Even Forex (Dominica) Ever FX Global (Cayman Islands) — trading name of ICC Intercertus Capital (Cayman) Ltd — licensed and regulated by CIMA, Cy SEC, and FCA — no U. or Canadian clients Evolve Markets Ltd (SVG) — unregulated FX/commodities/indices broker operating out of London — accounts denominated in bitcoin only — no U. clients Exante (Malta) — multi-asset broker — £10000 min.